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  • Bric-a-Brac Section

    Posted on Oktober 29 2013

    I LOVE finding beautiful unique antique curios in my travels and as much as I would love to keep all of them, I can't deny my love of turning things...

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  • Kingdom of Style Feature

    Posted on September 16 2013

    My friends at Kingdom of Style did a feature on my Memento Mori Collection.

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  • Gold Eternal Love Serpent Ring

    Posted on September 16 2013

    I made a few of my Eternal Love Serpent rings in sterling silver base with gold plating and diamond eyes. Contact me if interested as these are not yet listed...

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  • Skeletal Memento Mori Pendant

    Posted on September 07 2013

    Here is a more detailed shot of the skeleton behind the casket shaped crystal in my Skeletal Memento Mori pendant.

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  • Gravedigger Memento Mori Details

    Posted on September 06 2013

    Here is a detailed shot of my Gravedigger Memento Mori ring

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  • Paper City

    Posted on August 05 2013

    Laurann Claridge and Jenny Antill. Photography Jack Thompson.     Tara Levitin, Leviticus Jewelry  Tara Levitin’s jewels are haunted by the past. Culling together vintage artifacts and found oddities with...

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  • Weekend in San Antonio

    Posted on Oktober 29 2009

    We had a great mini vacation weekend in San Antonio, the only thing hat would have made it better would have been if the "big kids" were there.

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