Paper City – Leviticus Jewelry
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Paper City

Posted on 8月 05 2013

Laurann Claridge and Jenny Antill. Photography Jack Thompson.



Tara Levitin, Leviticus Jewelry 

Tara Levitin’s jewels are haunted by the past. Culling together vintage artifacts and found oddities with a mixture of metals, Levitin designs necklaces — many of them one-of-a-kind — of faceted stones and antique charms and ephemera such as tiny pairs of scissors dangling from black and golden chains. Her bold rings make a statement without the wearer having to utter a word — perfect for the cocktail set that prefers its tinctures strong and bracing: the head of a hummingbird with a long pointy beak, rendered in silver, or an oversized pavé of purple crystals that forms a wide dome between one’s knuckles. Her collection, named Leviticus Jewelry after her late brother Levi, isn’t driven by fashion trends. Its dark and dramatic spin is a more personal endeavor, with new styles added as inspiration strikes. $25 to $200, at We Are 1976, Dallas; Alibi, New York City;

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